Chocolate Torrone, Fiasconaro, 150gr


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Sicilian soft nougat bar with dark chocolate.
Torrone is a famous Italian nougat that can be found all year long but is particularly enjoyed during Christmas holidays; many versions of it exist but its main ingredients are generally almonds, honey, sugar and albumen.
This version is soft and enriched with dark chocolate.
Fiasconaro was founded in Castelbuono, Sicily in 1953 by Mario Fiasconaro. Mario started out as an ice-cream maker and pastry chef, and his first great masterpieces were mountains of profiteroles. His three sons, Fausto, Nicola and Martino, began learning the art of pastry when they were children. Today, the three brothers still lead the company.
Torrone is the perfect Christmas dessert, delicious at the end of every meal and very good as an afternoon snack with some tea or coffee too.