Orange Flavoured Honey, Brezzo, 350g


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Set (crystallised) orange flavoured honey from Sicily and Calabria. Pale yellow with a strong citrus, fruity flavour.

Shortly after the Second World War the Brezzo family founded their business in the gastronomic mecca of Piemonte. Their aim was to create artisan honeys from a variety of pollens, which impart unique flavours, collected from areas far from sources of pollution. The majority of their honeys are produced entirely in Piemonte, making use of the diverse flora of the area, but where that is not possible (there aren't many orange groves in the North for instance!) they turn to the best regions within Italy and carefully select produce that adheres to their strict philosophy.

This honey is perfect when paired with cheeses such as Caciocavallo or used as a breakfast ingredient. Can also be used as a sweetener in cold beverages.