Panforte Nero (Chocolate Panforte), Marabissi, 100gr


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Panforte is a must-have at Christmas in every Tuscan home; originally from Siena, panforte has been made in the region since Medieval times.
Essentially a dense fruitcake packed with almonds and spices, panforte nero is a variation of the classic recipe. Like the original, the nero is made with candied & dried fruit, nuts, and spices but in this version, the cakes are dusted with cocoa powder which provides a deep, satisfying contrast to the honey-sweetened pastry.
Established in 1948 in Chianciano (Tuscany), Marabissi claims to have the secret recipe for the panforte: only use the best quality ingredients and respect the traditional Tuscan way of making this treat.
Panforte is a great treat at any moment of the day and pairs well with cheese, chocolate or torrone. It is particularly great as an after dinner treat with some Italian dessert wine or coffee.