Vegetarian Fresh Pasta Meal Kit


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This meal kit provides circa 8-10 plates of pasta. (125-150g per portion)

We like to serve our Artichoke & Truffle Ravioli simply with butter, sage and grated hard cheese. While our homemade Arrabbiata pairs perfectly with fresh Pappardelle, our creamy Mushroom Sauce is traditionally served with fresh Casarecce.

Store in fridge. Consume by use-by date - There is around a 3-day shelf life for fresh pasta and homemade sauces. Pasta and Sauces in this set can be frozen for up to 3 months. Pasta can be cooked directly from frozen. Do not defrost pasta - just add 2 mins to cooking times.
Sauces can be heated directly from frozen.

See Fresh Pasta and Sauces category for cooking instructions.

This kit includes:

Fresh Artichoke & Truffle Green Ravioli, 300g
Fresh Casarecce, 500g
Fresh Pappardelle, 500g
Vegetarian Hard Cheese, 200g
Salted Organic Butter, 250g
Homemade Arrabbiata Sauce, 500g
Homemade Mushroom Sauce, 500g
Fresh Sage