Lardo di Colonnata, IGP, 150g


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The famous cured lard from Colonnata, in Tuscany, is a fragrant meat with rich aromatics and sweet hints. The delicate and mild flavour is achieved through a traditional recipe, which dates back to Roman times, where the meat is aged in basins made from the highly-prized Carrara marble that is mined in the area. The insides of these basins are rubbed with garlic, before the meat is aged for a minimum of 6 months with salt, black pepper, rosemary and garlic.

Founded in 1953, the Giannarelli family is now in its third generation curing cold pork cuts, including pancetta, guanciale, and above all, lard, which was the main sandwich meat for the marble workers who lived in Colonnata. They take utmost care of their products with a constant focus on highest-quality production standards.

Unlike British lard, Lardo di Colonnata is considered a delicacy, and is best enjoyed sliced very thinly with focaccia, crostini or casereccio bread, but can also be used in recipes with onion and tomato, a preferred combination by the marble workers, or with roast potatoes when it is added after cooking, making it melt and gently glaze the outside of the potato.