Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Galantino, 500ml


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Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a full-bodied look and a perfect balance of taste and fragrance due to its centuries-old manufacturing method. The small quantity of olive oil that naturally rises to the surface of the olive pasta after milling (2 - 3%) is hand-skimmer before undergoing cold-pressing and centrifugal separation. This make for a light, fruity oil with intense herbaceous and floral notes.

The Galantino family have been producing extra virgin olive oils since 1926 and their oils are Slow Food approved. Their high-quality oil is obtained after the cold extraction from the best olives that are harvested in the north of Bari and pressed in traditional granite millstones. With complete control over the production process, they cultivate their own olive trees, grind the olives in the mills they own and directly bottle the extra virgin olive oil manufactured. The varieties of olives used are mainly the Coratina and Ogliarola of Bari.

Being subjected only to crushing and no other production process, this oil has a delicate fragrance of olive enriched by herbal notes. Therefore it goes very well as a dressing for baked, steamed, grilled or marinated fish, seafood, salads, white meat and delicate meals.