Vialone Nano Rice, Le Cascine dei Conti, 500g


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The medium-large, semi-long, rounded grains of Vialone Nano can absorb twice their own weight in liquid, producing particularly creamy results. This makes it ideal for recipes requiring a looser finish, with the added benefit of having a quicker cooking time than Arborio or Carnaroli. It is also particularly resistant to overcooking.

Principato di Lucedio is one of Italy's finest rice growing estates. Located in the Piedmont region, Lucedio carries on a 600-year-old-rice-growing tradition.
The farm extends over 500 hectares inside a regional park. The entire production process is done with low environmental impact and preservative-free packaging in a modified atmosphere, guaranteeing product freshness and nutritional quality.

This product is particularly suitable for risottos and salads.