Baci Bag, Perugina, 125g


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Baci Perugina are delicious chocolate treats made of the finest Italian chocolate cream and hazelnuts covered by a layer of extra milk or dark chocolate. Each Bacio (Italian for "kiss") is individually wrapped with a "love note" hidden inside each wrapper, which includes a message of love, friendship and affection in multiple languages.

Founded in 1907, Perugina is an Italian chocolate confectionery company based in Perugia that has been devoted to using high-quality raw materials and production processes. The company produces a wide array of chocolate and food products, including chocolate bars, hard sweets, nougat and biscotti, but Baci are without a doubt one of the company's most known and loved products. During Eastertime, a major product are chocolate Easter egg wrapped in colourful packaging.

The Baci Bag is ideal for sharing a moment of pleasure and calm with the family, and is best enjoyed with an Italian coffee or a cup of tea.

Allergy Information

Milk / Dairy
Tree Nuts and may contain traces of peanuts