Health & Safety

The health and safety of our customers and our staff has always been the highest priority for us. In times like these, we have taken extra precautions and developed procedures to ensure that not only our regular standards are met but that we exceed them to keep our customers and staff safe.

We have placed hand sanitizers and hand washing sinks throughout our premises, including the entry, where our team members are obliged to thoroughly wash and sanitise their hands and wear gloves as soon as they start their shift and every time they come back into the building. Every time a team member leaves the premises, they dispose of their gloves, wash their hands thoroughly and sanitise them.

In our kitchen

We instruct our staff to wash their hands frequently throughout their shift and change their gloves regularly.

All surfaces are regularly disinfected with labelled and dated disinfectant spray, which is changed daily. All team members wear correct PPE, which includes chef whites, safety shoes, apron, gloves and facemasks.

Before and after each task, all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with hot water, followed by disinfectant spray.

In our packing area

Before our team starts packing your order, they wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly, and put on new gloves. This happens before they start packing orders, after each break and at the end of packing orders.

Our packing areas are regularly disinfected by washing surfaces with hot water and using sanitising solutions. All equipment used to pack orders is regularly disinfected too.

Out on delivery

Just like the rest of our team, our drivers regularly wash and sanitise their hands before putting on gloves. This includes the start and the end of their shift.

At the start and end of each shift, we disinfect our vehicles thoroughly and adhere to strict hygiene protocols throughout the delivery. This includes disinfecting the steering wheel, gear stick, door, handles, key and other equipment in the vehicle at the beginning and the end of the day.

Before loading the vehicle, our drivers wash their hands, disinfect them and wear fresh gloves. Once they have loaded the vehicles with orders ready to be delivered, our drivers dispose of their gloves, wash their hands and wear fresh gloves for their shift.

Our drivers wear gloves all throughout their shift and don’t take them off. This is to ensure the safe delivery of customers’ orders. We practice contact-less delivery, which means we ask the recipient for at least 2-metre distance and deliver the order either outside the building or immediately inside the doorway. To keep our drivers and our customers safe, we don’t hand off orders directly to the recipient.