Amaretti Tin, Amaretti Virginia, 200gr


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Made from either ground almonds or almond paste along with sugar and egg whites, Amaretti take their name from bitter almonds with which these little biscuits are flavoured. In this elegant cube tin of soft Amaretti, you'll find the following flavours: Chocolate, Coffee, Raspberry & Chocolate Rum. Lovely on its own, the tin can be reused as a spaghetti container afterwards.

Amaretti Virginia is a historical brand born in 1860, a synonym of quality and refinement in the art of making desserts and pastries. It achieved its fame for the production of soft Amaretti and nowadays boasts a broad range of exquisite and elegant specialties. Amaretti Virginia has made Quality its company philosophy.

Amaretti are traditionally served with dessert wines, liqueur or coffee, but they are also a delicious addition or ingredient in many desserts.