Extra Virgin Olive Oil Terracotta Pot, Lina Stores, 500ml


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Perfectly preserved in a unique, hand-painted ceramic bottle, this organic extra virgin olive oil is made from Apulian olives picked by hand at the exact ripening moment to ensure the best quality possible. They are then cold pressed on the same day to result in a superior quality extra virgin olive oil in a bright green colour with an intense herbaceous flavour and a spicy aftertaste. Best with pasta, meat or fish, salads, grilled vegetables, and fresh focaccia.

To open, place a cloth around the neck of the jar to protect the bottle. Insert a corkscrew tightly into the cork without removing or cutting the sealing wax. Holding the cloth in place around the neck of the bottle, pull out the corkscrew by slowing and gently lifting it out, which will pull out the capsule too.