Cedrata, Tassoni, 180ml


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Cedrata Tassoni is a non-alcoholic sparkling drink, sweet but with a hint of sourness to it. It has a clear yellow colour and it bears the aromas of the citrus fruit.

The bottle used for the drink constitutes a real piece of design and it is recognized and loved by consumers as much as the drink itself.

Cedrata Tassoni was launched in the 50s as an evolution of the Cedrata Tassoni Syrup. It was originally prepared with the citrons of the Cytrus Medica variety cultivated on the western shores of Lake Garda; however, today it is produced by using the Diamante citrons, from the sunny southern region of Calabria.

Cedral Tassoni is an Italian company founded in 1793 in Salo'. It is the symbol of timeless quality thanks to a controlled supply chain, the ability to look to the future without forgetting the past and its impeccable taste.

Italians usually serve this product in a glass filled with ice, decorated with a slice of lemon.