Dried Yeast, Caputo, 100g


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The active dry yeast of Caputo is brewer's yeast produced from a rigorously selected strain and fed only with Italian molasses: a particular type of sugar obtained from beet and sugar cane. Thanks to this nourishment and oxygen, the yeast cells begin to reproduce and multiply. This process is called fermentation. After fermentation, the yeast is separated from the molasses and first washed to remove impurities, then centrifuged and finally dehydrated and reduced to microgranules.

Since 1924, the Neapolitan Caputo has ground wheat with generosity and passion in order to offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions. Caputo products are used by top restaurants and chefs.

Caputo's Active Dry Yeast is suitable for all types of dough and leavening.