Figs Covered With Chocolate, Aloisio, 300g


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These Italian figs are covered with chocolate and filled with walnuts and orange peel following the tradition of Cosenza (a town in Calabria particularly famous for figs).
We have been working with our Calabrian supplier Aloisio for many years now and we admire his commitment to good quality ingredients and respect of the tradition.
His company was founded in Calabria in 1930 and it is specialized in manufacturing typical Cosentino fig treats.
These chocolate-covered figs are traditionally given as a gift to friends or family in the South and typically eaten during Christmas holidays. They can be served as a dessert with a glass of Marsala, Passito, Moscato d’Asti or Vin Santo or can also be enjoyed as an afternoon treat with some tea or coffee.

This product is available for delivery from mid-November onwards.