Mini Pandoro Amaretti Virginia, 80gr


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Pandoro ("golden bread" in Italian) is a famous Italian treat for Christmas and New Year.
Originally from Verona, this product has become a festive favourite in so many countries around the world.
This towering, star-shaped sponge cake is topped with white powdered sugar and is very light and fluffy.
Amaretti Virginia is a historical brand born in 1860, a synonym of quality and refinement in the art of making desserts and pastries. It achieved its fame for the production of soft Amaretti, and nowadays boasts a broad range of exquisite and elegant specialties. Amaretti Virginia has made Quality its company philosophy.
Pandoro is the perfect gift to give to family and friends at Christmas, naturally paired with Spumante or Prosecco. Perfect as a dessert, Pandoro can also be enjoyed for breakfast with a cup of coffee or milk or as an afternoon snack with some tea.