Lasagne all'Uovo, La Molisana, 500g


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The dough for this lasagne is made from a rich dough (made of four eggs) which makes this a perfect egg-pasta option. Delicious if precooked for a couple of minutes in boiling water and then in oven, or crispy if baked directly in the oven and seasoned with a smooth and abundant sauce.

La Molisana was founded in 1912 in Campobasso, in the Molise region. Its acquisition by the Ferro Group in 2011 has steered it to become one of the top 5 brands in Italy, and one of the few that can proudly proclaim it has remained 100% Italian. By concentrating primarily on producing an excellent quality pasta, made using simple, but excellent-quality ingredients. To ensure this is the case the entire production needs to be monitored from strat to finish, and La Molisana takes great pride in managing the entire supply chain. Pure water is sourced from heights above 1850m and a secret blend of durum wheat varieties, sourced only from trusted local farmers. The result of the mix is a rich yellow pasta product with protein values never less than 14%, and generally around 15%, making it higher in protein than more famous Italian pasta brands. It is this high level of protein than ensures a pasta resistant to overcooking and that delivers on flavour. The quality of the pasta and resistance to overcooking have helped La Molisana become one of the favourite dried pastas amongst chefs and restaurateurs, not just in Italy but throughout the world.