Polenta Bianca Istantanea La Grande Ruota, 500g


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Polenta is one of the most traditional dishes from the north of Italy. It is a cornmeal mush or porridge and it can be made from white or yellow corn. 

This instant version by La Grande ruota is made with 100% Italian white corn, pre cooked at low temperatures to keep its organoleptic qualities unaltered. It is suitable for obtaining a soft and creamy polenta in just 3 minutes!

Thanks to the uninterrupted use of a stone grinder, La Grande Ruota has been making high quality polenta since 1853! Only the best raw materials are used in order to make the perfect polenta. Combining innovation and respect of the tradition, their products fear no comparison. 

Whether fried, grilled, baked or served creamy, polenta is a delicious gluten free addition to your menu. In Italy we like to eat is as a side for sausages, mushrooms, beans and fish.