Ricotta, 250g


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Ricotta (literally re-cooked) is a fresh unripened cheese obtained from the serum (whey) that comes out after the coagulation process, combined with a small amount of milk. Its name (from Latin "recoctus") refers to its preparation process, which entails the whey being re-cooked a second time. For a long time, whey was thought to be a residue of the milk. Today it is defined as the noble protein of milk, with the highest nutritional value and lowest content of fat.

Ricotta has a soft and smooth texture and a very delicate flavour.

Italians enjoy this product with pasta, with spinach in a pie or meatballs or eaten straight off of a spoon with a drop of golden honey! Alternatively, why not try to recreate the Mortadella, Ricotta and Basil Ciabatta that we used to make in our KX deli?

Allergen Information

Contains Milk