Salted Butter, Estate Dairy, 250g


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This flavourful salted cultured butter comes in a handy 250g roll and is hand churned on the Estate Dairy farm in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Produced with Estate Dairy double cream, it's one of the richest tasting butters on the market. Cultured and aged for 4 days, the butter is then shaped in logs and wrapped by hands.

The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing the highest quality milk, cream and butter. They source the richest milk from the Chew Valley, which is located right in the heart of Somerset, and treat the dairy produce with the respect it deserves by paying close attention to the cow’s nutrition.

Drawing from years of research into the complex makeup of milk and how it behaves, the team are devoted to the pursuit of bringing customers exceptional dairy produce all from traceable single farm gates.