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Speck is typical of South Tyrol, Alto Adige (in the north of Italy). It is the same lean cut taken from the pork thigh that is used in the production of Prosciutto Crudo, the difference being that Speck is gently smoked and aged for a minimum of 22 weeks.

It has a particular taste, intense and flavoursome, not salty, with smoky, grassy and spicy hints, as well as touches of aromatic herbs.

The Salumificio la Rocca is recognised as one of the most attentive custodians of the Emiliana pork-butchers' tradition for the production of Salumi Piacentini. We have been working with them for years and have visited them many times to learn more about their techniques.

Speck can be used as a pizza topping with some cheese (for instance gorgonzola), as an ingredient for a focaccia or ciabatta sandwich or with some pappardelle and mushroom. Also delicious with potatoes.

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