Soft Chocolate Torta di Torrone, Flamigni, 150g


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Torrone is a famous Italian nougat that can be found all year long but is particularly enjoyed during Christmas holidays; many versions of it exist but its main ingredients are generally almonds, honey, sugar and albumen.

In this version, the torrone is shaped as a cake (torta) and available in different flavours: chocolate, pistachio and strawberry.

 Flamigni started in 1930 as a pastry and coffee shop in Forlì, in Emilia-Romagna. Nowadays, their Panettoni and Torroni have become famous worldwide.

 This product is an excellent Christmas dessert, delicious at the end of every meal and very good as an afternoon snack with some tea or coffee too. The perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.

This product is available for delivery from early November onwards.