Traditional Panettone, Lina Stores, 1kg


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Panettone is the most famous Italian treat for Christmas and New Year. Originally from Milan, this product has become a festive favourite in so many countries around the world.

The traditional recipe for this cake includes flour, butter, sugar, eggs, raisins and glazed orange peels. Many other variations are available such as plain, with chocolate, pistachio, limoncello and so on.

This version is the traditional one with raisins and orange peels and it comes in an elegant Lina Stores box. Our panettone is made with high quality natural ingredients following the original recipe from Milan.

Panettone is the perfect gift to give to family and friends at Christmas, naturally paired with Spumante or Prosecco. Perfect as a dessert, Panettone can also be enjoyed for breakfast with a cup of coffee or milk or as an afternoon snack with some tea.

Unopened, our Panettone will last for around 6 months but will have the exact expiry date on the packaging.

This product is available for delivery from mid-November onwards.