Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, Baci, 252g

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In Italy, during Easter time all the shop windows are filled with chocolate Easter eggs like this one from Baci Perugina. Each egg holds 3 pieces of Baci, "kisses", chocolates filled with hazelnut and milk chocolate-hazelnut paste known as gianduia. The foil-wrapped kisses include a message of love that is translated into five languages, not to mention you'll also find a small gift hidden inside the egg. Enhancing the presentation is the elegant wrapping in patterned foil paper.

Since 1907 Perugina, Perugia-based chocolate confectionery company, has been devoted to using high quality raw materials and production processes. Baci are without a doubt one of the company's most known and loved products.

Allergy Information

Contains Milk and Tree Nuts.
May contain traces of Peanuts.