Italian Artisanal Sausages, 500g


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These premium artisan pork sausages are made using age-old traditional Italian recipes. Freshly prepared locally in the UK every day, they never contain any gluten or allergens.

Salsicciamo delivers authentic and flavoursome Italian sausages here in the UK, made by Italians in the traditional Italian way, therefore offering the freshest possible product direct to the UK market. Salsicciamo have won numerous awards over the years, including British Sausage Week Gold Award in 2015, followed by a Two Star Great Taste Award in 2016 for the fennel-flavoured Sicilian style sausages.

Versatile in their usage, these sausages can be enjoyed in pasta recipes, including Orecchiette with cime di rapa and sausage, or with some bread and our homemade tomato sauce or added to a pizza. Great also simply fried or grilled and finished off in the oven.

Classic Sausages

This meat is about simplicity and true quality, from the meat to the unique texture and the delicate salt and pepper flavour. Great for kids!

Tuscan Sausages

With a recipe reminiscent of Tuscany and its unmistakable flavours, this sausage is flavoured with aromatic Tuscan spices including sea salt and a hint of garlic. Perfect for the whole family and any occasion.

Sicilian Sausages

This multi-award winning sausage brings the Sicilian countryside to your plate, giving you a true taste of Sicily with hints of sea salt and wild fennel.

Calabrian Sausages

Calabria is the home of chilli and these sauges contain just the right amount of it to give them a unique delicate flavour.